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Professional electrician

A Professional Electrician for All Your Needs

To ensure your property’s safety, you should find an electrician with experience and knowledge. Luckily, Ac Star Electric Inc is here to help! Our company is based in Miami, FL, and we offer reliable services. Discover them all below and see how we can assist you!

What We Offer

Electrical Maintenance Service

Electrical Maintenance Service

A professional electrical service aims to keep your systems well-maintained and in perfect condition. However, it needs to be executed by experts who can handle the tasks safely and carefully. Our team can do an excellent job whether we’re working on residential, commercial, or industrial properties. We always make a full assessment of each electrical system to determine the best possible solutions for it. Our maintenance services can also prevent minor issues from becoming severe problems. Rest assured that regular inspections can save you time and stress.
Electrical Repair

Electrical Repair

If there are any issues with your electrical systems, you need to address them as soon as possible. Our electrical repair services are prompt and safe. We recommend turning to us instead of trying to fix things on your own. We possess the needed equipment that helps us deliver great results without damaging your property. Our repair solutions will save you tons of money on costly replacements in the future. Plus, they will make your systems more energy-efficient and lower your utility bills. Our services are definitely worth the investment!
Electrical Remodel

Electrical Remodel

A complete electrical remodel will provide a new, modern, and efficiently operating electrical system. Our services encompass rewiring, panel replacement or rejuvenation, circuit reorganization, and more. Over time, your systems wear off and pose risks of fires, electrical shocks, and other damage. With our prompt solutions, we can ensure your peace of mind and the safety of your space. We will ensure your electrical system is up to code. Trust us for improved safety and optimal results!

Benefits of Working with Experts

A professional commercial and home electrician service is a process that needs to be tackled by people who have experience and knowledge in the industry. It eliminates the risks of injuries and damage. Plus, it saves property owners a lot of time and hassle. Overall, a professional service protects your investment and ensures everyone’s safety and comfort.

How We Operate

At Ac Star Electric Inc, we always strive for customer satisfaction. We use first-rate equipment and tools that help us deliver incredible outcomes. With us, your electrical systems will be up and running. We will take care of your property in no time!

Areas Served

We strive to deliver our top-notch electrical solutions to all customers in Miami, FL. However, we also extend our services to other locations. You can also benefit from our expertise if you are in any of the following areas:

  • Homestead Base, FL
  • Pinecrest Village, FL
  • Glenvar Heights, FL
  • Country Walk, FL
  • Three Lakes, FL
  • El Portal, FL
  • Goulds, FL
  • Weston, FL
  • Bal Harbour, FL
  • Golden Glades, FL
  • Doral, FL

Do you need reliable home electrical repair services or other solutions? Call our team, and let us demonstrate our professionalism!

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Ac Star Electric Inc

Miami, FL 33177

(786) 241-9010

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  • Electrical Maintenance Service
  • Electrical Repair
  • Electrical Remodel
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